ink and graphite | 70x50cm

blended dream

colored pencil | 60x32cm

untitled II girl

watercolor pencils | 50x35cm

untitled girl

watercolored pencils | 41x25x21cm

featherlike - wildlife

drawing shown up at a collective exhibition | colored pencil | 90x50cm
sept.2011 | I'm gonna update a better shot as soon as I can

comissioned portrait - detail

detail of a comissioned portrait | Colored Pencil | 90x52cm

russianred colored

colored pencil 36x28cm

wildlife dream

colored pencil 33x25cm

Campanella Wildlife

watercolour 100x70cm
The sparkling rain with what begins the work of Franz Liszt “La Campanella” is a steady nonstoping walk that
walks next to you finding out fantasizing places where you can gaze at the exclusive behaviors of wildlife in its most
intimative privacy. An esoteric dance that takes us to a world linked to the union between animals and nature.


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colored pencil 100x70cm 2010

Heurística n.3

graphite 56x76cm

Heurística n.2

graphite 56x76cm

Heurística n.1

graphite 50x50cm

"Everything you imagin is possible. A mind of such creative freedom can make your canvas meanigless and short of understanding. As scientists says: if you have so many options to choose, whatever you choose you'll always think the other option might have been better than your choice. Anyway, you'll never know it, therefore it's better not to think about it or at least, be satisfied and continue with the option you have already chosen."


drypoint n.1                                     n.2 25x22cm

spining n.1

drypoint A2